Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Addition To The Port Gamble Family

If you live, work, or just visit Port  Gamble, you know Lonnie (sorry, I never use last names on the internet). He lives here and he works here, and he is raising his family here. Meet his daughter, Lillian Grace:

When I took this photo a couple weeks ago, she was 19 days old, and like her father she appeared to be strong as an ox. She was looking all over, not raising much of a fuss, and looked to me like she would have her brother whipped into shape in no time. She seems to be a determined young lady, so for instance she stayed in her first "residence" much longer than was planned, but when she decided to join the rest of us, she put in maybe three hours labor and was here, all 8 pounds and small change of her.

And I would have had her photo here sooner, but it migrated around my CompactFlash card until I was sure I'd lost it. But it is found again, so I'm proud to be able to show you she has safely arrived!!

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