Sunday, December 5, 2010

The lights of Port Gamble

I keep saying it ... this little town is fun. Yes, I made a few wise cracks about a contest for lighting the town, yes I made it clear that the "King Of the Lights Is Dead", yes there were some people that jokingly told me that I should be strung up instead of the lights, but I'm also told that even though a lot of people still have plans for lights, we already have as bright a display as has been seen for quite some time. In fact just today Kris got this unsolicited note from one of her customers:

       "Upon returning from the Seattle Symphony last Thursday our bus driver, Tom from Silver City buses,    detoured through Port Gamble so we could enjoy the beautiful lights.  Oh what a beautiful sight to see especially the Quilted Strait display.  Thank you making the world a beautiful place to live in." (I haven't included her name because I didn't get permission.)

Since I'm told that many more lights are coming, I'm going to add a couple of houses or businesses each day to this post.  So keep coming back to "The Lights of Port Gamble" to see the lights this town has put up. I'll  keep adding them to this post.

We begin with the obvious, the place where the world of light at Christmas begins, at the church. As you can see, the lights don't have to be bright, glaring, or obtrusive. I was glad to see that the lights added a warmth to the picture, even though they are a cool white. They just add a dimension of depth that isn't otherwise there.

I've got no better name for this than "A River Runs Through It." Now I have not seen Greg's  work before, since this is Kris and my first Christmas living here, but this warmed my heart when I went looking for photo ops. Greg out  did himself, although there's some good work done on the commercial buildings, and some houses with no lights still to complete their work.

Greg has a way of taking just one element, then adding a bunch more to make the feeling you get
that if a person keeps staring, he will find so much more.

Thanks, Greg, you are an inspiration!  That's this year. Next year? Your lights are HISTORY!!

I mentioned that I'm going to try adding some lights to this each day, especially in hopes that some of you will continue to add some lights each day. Why? Check out this picture.
A few lights around the porch, some down the fence, and what a nice setting we have.  We could be doing this all over town. I'll show you more tomorrow.

Well, it's now "tomorrow", and I do indeed have some more buildings to show. First, I want to show you the low lit area of town, which unfortunately is our front door, the highway.
Fortunately, Sean and the Gable Coffee Co. put up some lights or a visitor might  miss us. I guess next year  I better do a better job of lighting up the entrance as well.
When you get closer you reealize Sean does indeed have some tasteful lighting. Speaking of tasteful lighting, check out this view of the Tea Room. They managed to put out enough lights that they should get a "Thank You" note from Puget Energy without overdoing it.

And it amazes me how one can add a little item like this:

and make the display so much more attractive. Attention to detail, I guess it's called.
And of course Tom, Bill, and Kathy have been digging into Shana's slush fund to help make us all look better.

One more look at the full effect one gets when everyone works together:
More again tomorrow or the next day.


Shirley said...


shana said...

Jerry - what a great job on photos! You will have to get some of the pavilion, post office and the rest of the businesses.
By the way, how do I get a copy of the photos of our house??

Robin Ikaika said...

I live in Port Gamble and love your comments and pics!!!!! I love this little town and the people! We are all more like family than neighbors!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Robin Ikaika