Monday, December 13, 2010

Country Christmas - final post

When a person like me gets behind a digital camera when there's lots of kids around, that person can go crazy when he sees how many photos he can take. Hundreds go on that little card that comes out of the camera.

So he takes hundreds and does nothing with them? No, he digs out some of the best and lets people see the fun those kids were having at the event ... like at the Country Christmas, for instance. I'll TRY to keep my comments to a minimum, but by now, you know me .....

Santa, every where you turned

But ALL the kids LOVED him.

This one had ALMOST too much.

He's enjoying the long wait for  Santa.

I've heard there are times of the year that ice cream should not be eaten. NOT!!!!!


Let's see. When I hit this big piece of metal with a wooden stick
.... I bet it's loud.

Haven't I met you somewhere before? Oh yeah. You-re my brother.

Santa is EVERYWHERE! Well, so are kids and they go very well together.

I'm sure I've seen these two guys somewhere ... was it in a Western with Clint Eastwood?
My mother is no doubt sitting up in her grave about now. She LOVED bagpipes.
Wow. This was worth getting dressed up for!!

If you are going to have your picture taken, you are going to have to look good.

The next planned weekend event for families doesn't seem to be until Summer. I heard mention of a town wide Easter Egg Hunter. That sounds like fun to me.

All this, plus there's a cookie under here too? TOO MUCH !!!

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