Sunday, December 12, 2010

Country Christmas, Day one, Part 2

I hope you are keeping track of all this. We are checking photos of both the Christmas lights and the Country Christmas' first day, the latter being the subject for this post.

There were all kinds of activities going on around town, these folks were trying a little wine tasting (which will still be happening Sunday).

The festival  was started mainly for kids, several years ago, although some adult activities have snuck in. But kids didn't HAVE to be involved. This young child has chosen to just "hang around" all day (yes, you can moan now), and what a time she had with Mother right there behind her.

Shop owners, too, got into the picture. If they weren't answering questions they were cleaning up the place, like Sheila was doing.

Lots of the products being sold were edible, some were not,

but the kids could all tell the difference. This boy knows what gingerbread is for .... and it's not for making houses!!!
It didn't seem to matter where Santa or the kids were, they always found each other.

And those kids ALWAYS found the gingerbread .... TASTY!!

Upstairs in the General Store was this group providing excellent live music. I wouldn't exactly call them a "rock band", however.

Give him, what? 2 years, and he will be as tall as the nutcracker?

And finally, three people who have their work cut out for them. It seems a tradition at Port Gamble, a new tradition anyway, that a major facility be put into place each year. The new Pavilion was a couple years ago, showing Olympic Property Groups'  serious interest in providing a quality facility for weddings, meetings and other gatherings.

Next came the remodel of the stables (or more recently a maintenance building) into a first class retail store, which  shows OPG's continuing interest in providing a unique shopping venue.

And now? Now comes OPG's plans to refurbish, remodel, and in a way recreate a top-notch theater for live performances for the north Kitsap area.  And these three can and will make it happen. The  building? The community center now housing the post office, which has an open third floor which began its life as a basketball court for the mill workers.

On the left is Tom, head of maintenance who over saw the construction on the other buildings. He knows how to get construction done, on time and in budget, and he knows how to use the expertise of others when needed. If it needs to be on time, on budget, and safely done, you'll see Tom behind it.

On the right is Shana, the representative of OPG to the community, the excellent link between the board of OPG and the people who live and work here. She's the one with the picture in her head of what Port Gamble can and will be, never stuck on a static view, always willing to let things change when it's needed to make things better.

Those two are the paid staff. Willing to add his interest and considerable experience in live performances is Scott, having been involved in live theater across the years and the country. He is not going to let OPG end with anything but the best  for the building, and has the ties to make sure the best people are using it once it is finished. And don't worry about his appearance ... he's dressed and made up for his appearance in A Christmas Carol as Scrooge, now showing in the facility to be remodeled.

I marvel at this project, knowing there is a lot to be done, it is a real challenge for OPG, but just another step in their efforts to  make the most of  this town.

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