Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bill - Passing of a friend

While it had been my intention to be through with this posting site, news was just sent to the Port Gamble community which I want to personally comment on. It said in a letter from Shana:

    All of Port Gamble:
    It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I tell you that Bill Segerman passed away yesterday December 28th of an apparent heart attack. Bill was a friend to everyone he met and he leaves a great void and will be missed by all of us.

    We know very little else as his family is undergoing the shock from this news. We will share more information as it becomes available. Until then, please send out your prayers to his wife Martha, children, and family.

When one moves to a new community, the true "nice guys" are often the ones who show their faces first. They are the ones, like Bill, who aren't especially flashy, don't put themselves first, but always are there when you need them, willing to help, willing to give advice when asked, and never passing judgement on the people or events around him.

I knew from the first day I met him that Bill was special, that he could be relied  upon for any kind of help I might need, professional or otherwise, and he was willing to "go the extra distance" to make this new-comer feel welcome and comfortable.  I spoke with him a couple of times when I was writing a blog about someone in town and his perspective came from a jovial, positive viewpoint that was unmatched by anyone else here.

The loss of Bill will be felt for a long time by all of us here. It is especially hard in such a small town where everyone knows everyone (especially if he is a maintenance worker), but perhaps we will find some joy in realizing that we had the pleasure and privilege of knowing  a truly classic kind of guy, the kind of guy we may never forget.

A service will be held for Bill on Sunday, Jan. 2nd, at noon at the Hood Canal Vista Pavilion in Port Gamble (which he helped build). Everyone who mourns his loss is invited, in hopes that we might give each other strength.

God be with you, Bill


Tracy Zhu said...

Thank you for posting this. My experience with Bill mirrored yours in that he was very kind and helpful to me as a newcomer to town. This is sad news but I am glad I knew him a little.

Laura - Postmaster PG said...

Sympathy, shock--- tears and heavy heart..... he will be greatly missed by me and I am sure so many others. I loved his sense of humor!!!

Shana just posted the date for Bill's service is Sunday January 2nd at noon at the Hood Canal Vista Pavilion in Port Gamble.

Robin said...

I miss you already Bill...hope to see you again if not in this life, then the next.....sweet forever dreams Bill.....Robin

Bill Segerman III said...

Dad loved waking up every morning, meeting the boys down at Bear Creak for coffee and then going to work in Port Gamble. What he loved was the day to day interaction with a small community where he knew everyone and everyone knew him. The last six years was the happiest of his life. He had a great family and a great job. He loved working at Port Gamble so much that he would go help out with activities on his day off, even if he had to drive nearly an hour to get there. Dad made a great impact on the town of Port Gamble but I think Port Gamble made an even bigger impact on dad. Thank you Port Gamble for giving my dad an opportunity to be touched by such a great town. I love you dad and you will never be far from my heart. RIP Big Bill.
Your Son

angelasegerman said...

Thank you for all that you guys have done for our family in this difficult time. He loved all of you and being out at his favorite place, Port gamble. You have all been amazing and we apprecaite it. He put his heart and soul into everything he did and its a wonderful reflection of everyone that loved him and that he loved. He will forever and always be missed and loved and his life, love and legacy will live on within us, and his grandchildren, and anyone that has ever come across our hero! I will always hold my favorite father in law close in my heart.
Love his favorite daughter in law, Angela Segerman

Shana said...

Bill will be missed by all of us in Port Gamble. He was apart of everyone's lives and was part of our Port Gamble family. It is a hole in our heart that will take time to heal.

Thank you to everyone in town and the support you have given the family and those of us who worked with Bill.

Bill, you are in our hearts forever and we all love you.