Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Lights - part 2

I'm continuing with the commercial side of town, since I have seen a few more lights coming up on the residential side, and I want to give them time to finish. So, continuing on our way ...

I noticed some of the reindeer must have gotten loose. These two in front of the quilt store should probably be
with ...

this one, which was in front of the pavilion. I tried to get a bunch of photos at the pavilions, since it is really lit up  nicely, but I kept interrupting parties

I had a man ask me, while I was putting up more lights, if I had any idea how many lights are shining in Port Gamble. Whew! What a question!!!  I would be overjoyed to know, but I wouldn't know where to start. This photo, for instance, shows white icicle lights for over a block on the right, and colored icicle lights for nearly the same distance on the left.

Let's see, maybe we can do this. A 300 light string of icicle lights is 14.5 feet long (and to confuse things even more, that varies). The blocks here are approximately 550 feet long. 36 strings to go one side of one block.....hmmm 72 strings to go both sides, which would be about 21,600 lights just to do one block of the lights on the fences. But wait, there's more. The people of Port Gamble manage to find icicle lights which are quite a bit longer on the part hanging down than us poor people. So for 2/3 of the distance I am going to add another 50% to the number of bulbs used, making a grand total of (drum roll, please):

For the lighting of the picket fence for approximately 2 blocks on both sides of the street and for approx. one block on one side of the street, it would take approximately 74,220. Now add all the other lights (rule of thumb, 100 lights per 1 foot of height for a tree, so  add up the height of all the lit trees and multiply by 100, all the fencing going to the stores or houses  from the picket fencing, and the other displays as well as the lights around the tennis courts, one can easily imagine using 100,000 lights in Port Gamble.

And when we use that many lights it brings to life such buildings as the Walker Amer house
or the event planning house or
the official Port Gamble tree or

the two nutcrackers  guarding the entrance to the Post Office building.

I'll have more in another day or two.

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margaret said...

looks a lovely magical place to live in. we have xmas lights too, but don't list as have to be home every night and have them on for a least two hours. we only do it for our own pleasure and anyone walking or driving past can see them. think we are the only one in our street. Nelson NZ.