Tuesday, November 23, 2010

These Two Deserve An Award

Some of these boats have been fishing in this area for several months.

The Blizzard of '10 seems to be over
today, although quite a bit of the wind still lingers, and the temperatures should stay in the twenties or less until at least Thanksgiving.

I hope this looks as cold as it felt.

I ran around taking just a few photos this morning, mainly of any out door activity I could find.
In the process I found two people who deserve extra helpings of porridge for opening their businesses on a day where there clearly won't be any.

First is the Postmaster, Laura. She was telling me recently that she has a two hour commute home every day, and yesterday she mentioned that she was going to have to call her husband of three weeks and let him know she wouldn't be home. Last night would have been difficult traveling ten minutes, much less two hours.

So this morning I found her at the counter, with two containers of ice-melter, all ready to head out doors.

I reminded her that she had made a commitment to the head of all stamps, something about "rain, sleet, snow, or gloom of night" and remembering our conversation the night before, I asked her if she had made the same commitment with her husband of three weeks.

She smiled, tuned around and pointed, and there he sat behind her. HE had made the two hour trip in the blizzard.

Yesterday one of the four that stayed at their post till near the end was Kate from Gamble Coffee Co. Today it was her boss Sean who was one of the two who made it. Fortunately he lives a short walk away, so it was a little easier -- no 2 hour commute. But he may be staying at home a little later every day next year ... after all, we just received notice from he and Wendy that while Laura and Terry had married on Halloween, they were tying the knot on New Years Eve. Is this a tradition in Port Gamble? weddings on holidays. Hmmmm, it sounds like fun.

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