Monday, November 15, 2010

The Battle of the Bulbs, part 2. "In the Beginning"

I had a quick discussion today with a gentleman who, in his gruffest voice asked, "What are you trying to do, start something?"   something like a parent might ask a 10 year  old who was trying to stir up the town bully. He was talking about my efforts to stir up the town in getting some more Christms lights on the street.

My response? "Guilty as charged". I tend to be one of those who keeps his light under a basket, but let me show you  why I like lots of lights at Christmas....
It's called the light of the Gospel, it's the first lights to shine at   Christmas in Port Gamble (on the lawn of the church) and it shows the true meaning of Christmas, and all the lights we put up are just  a reflection of  the true light.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get back to stirring up some brighter lights. The one I heard was willing to brake the bank with brightness is Greg, who must have his routine down to the point that he can get the strings out of the attic and in the trees in no time. This evening I checked a t his house, and  this is what I found:

Even Charlie Brown would  be embarrassed. But I think he is holding back and is going to nail us bad.

I checked some other houses, ones I didn't  know were going to put some pressure on (but I'm glad to see they are) and I found

some very tasteful starts. Even Steffi at Mike's BBQ, who had said that Mike's is going to be closed over Christmas so much that it wasn't worth putting any up, added her's to the start.
And mine? Well, it's a start, but the girls at Second Spring still need to put Snoopy on the roof so I can add  a  landing  strip for Santa to come down across the roof of the quilt store ... You think I'm kidding? Just wait. But this is it so far. Tasteful   ......  but not for long!!

Even Kim and Eric have lights in the General Store windows,
but I'm told by the maintenance  crew that this scene (the picket fences)

will be a blaze of lights. At least then I ought to be able to get a good photo.

So this is the beginning. I can't wait to see all the regular lights of town go dim when the rest of these are put up!!

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