Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photos to go with Halloween

Finally, I have some photos of the Halloween Visitors!! A lot of kids, but a lot of Moms and Dads, too. I  found only one girl who I would say was unhappy (make that "cranky").  She looked ready to have a tantrum, ran over by the spider, whipped around with a phony smile on her face only to have the flash go off at the same time. She had thought she could ruin my day by giving me a big smile which I would miss, and she would never give  it again. But I beat her to the punch, and her's is one of the best photos here. But I'll protect her ... I won't tell you which one she is.

"Who's the Fairest In the Land?" (Sorry, that's a cell phone, not a mirror.)

One of many happy families.

Personally, I think the families were happier with their photos more than just the kids.

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