Saturday, November 20, 2010

Like a fire that wouldn't take ...

Well, sometimes a person has a good idea that takes off, sometimes a person has an idea that sounds good, but has not depth, and sometimes a person has a guy idea in a girl town. Take your pick. Yes, I got the notion of lighting up the town talked about, but I can't see that Port Gamble is going to be particularly over lit. I hope I'm wrong.

We won't really know until the Monday after Thanksgiving when the lights throughout the commercial area put up by the maintenance crew will go on their electric eyes and come on at dusk. I'm told that the "city" has been buying and buying and buying, but we don't know if they are adding to the collection or just replacing. And they aren't talking, so we won't know until Nov. 29.

Of course mine are all new, since the last house we lived in (for nearly 20 years) was down a road a piece and no one could see it, so there was no point in lighting. And I don't dare put in writing how much I've spent so far this year, but in the scheme of things it may not be much. But at least two buildings, our house and the quilt store have lights this year.

And I know that Greg added some, but when I went by to say hello he was taking them off as fast as he was putting them on. So I think he put on LED and took off old ones, so  his display should at least be brighter. He has the perfect spot for someone who likes to "over decorate" as much as he does. It's the first house one sees when coming to town from the East, and through the Christmas season it says "Welcome to Port Gamble" in a big way.

And I'm told, but no one mentions any names, that there are some people adding to their collections. But I know of at least one shop owner who has no intention of putting lights up outside, since she has lights up inside and she doesn't care for lights outside. But she got those lights inside to show, so I'm not complaining.

But there is a feeling of anticipation that I'm told wasn't there in the past. And there is more to come. On Monday, Nov. 22,  a man with a "bucket" truck will be here to help put up lights where people can't normally reach, like on roofs, for instance. He'll be here about 2 pm and is being scheduled by Tom, so if you want to use him, call Tom Monday morning. The guy is free, but a gratuity is always nice. After all, he is a volunteer.

And then we will wait. Many of the people who live here will be gone for Thanksgiving, so the Monday after will be fun. I know I will be walking the streets that evening, around dusk, with my few lights on, looking for others. On Tuesday, Nov. 30, I hope to have lots of photos of lots of lights, although there is really nothing like seeing them in person.

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