Saturday, March 13, 2010

We begin in Port Gamble

Almost everyone who lives in Western Washington knows where Port Gamble is (just a mile north of the Hood Canal Bridge), and everyone who has gone through it learns to hate the 15 mph corner it represents, and a few even know someone who lives there. But now there's a blog (and this is it) about life in this "quaint", "spooky", "unusual", "quiet" (take your pick of words... there's a lot more) town that is nothing like any town I've ever seen.

Port Gamble defines the words "small town". There can't be more than 20 commercial buildings or more than forty residences, but the people here remind me of snowflakes (no two are alike), the buildings here remind me of my youth (when our family raced from ferry to ferry through this burg), and the staff remind me of the staff in the last business I owned (hard working, but everyone quirky enough to make the job not just enjoyable, but downright fun.)

I can see, after living here for a grand total of two weeks, that some one needs to let the world know that towns like this still exist, that the thrill of seeing a business through to its opening day, no matter how big or small the business, still provides the owner a "rush" that is greater than a narcotic.

But as you can tell if you are still reading this, I am not the master of verbage needed for this chore, but I think I take a respectable photo now and then and hope that on the basis of what they say about pictures and words, that I might save you a lot of time reading.

So here goes my first venture into "blogdom", which will quit when I get tired of this town. Kris and I figure we are good for 10 years here, so we will see how long I last.
(Port Gamble has its own website at )

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Shana said...

I hope you never get bored here, if you do I can share a story or two and we hope to have you around for more than 10 years or at least until we all retire!