Monday, March 22, 2010

Q and A's or FAQ's

I've always wanted someone to send me questions. ( The "ottopart" is left from when I owned an "auto parts" store. Tricky, eh? My next door neighbor at the time had a business refinishing furniture and selling unfinished furniture. We called him "Woody," and me "Otto." Only in a small town would we concern ourselves with such trivia.

It makes a person feel so important when he thinks he has knowledge other people want. And what a joy to have FREQUENTLY ASKED questions. Without them one starts wondering if anyone is even out there. Well, I know that some of you are. You give me enough flack when you see me on the streets (I keep forgetting ... on the "street") of Port Gamble. Maybe I should put a counter on here to see how many of you there are. No, there are some questions even I know not to ask.

Q.What is your schedule for these writings?
A. I've decided to limit myself (and you) to one a week, which will come out on Fridays.

Q. What are you trying to do with this?
A. Just tell a little of the fun of living in a small town, the unique things that happen, that either can't or rarely do occur in the big city. Beyond that, although I am NOT a Chamber of Commerce representative, I think there are even more whimsical things happening in this little wide spot in the road in North Kitsap, called Port Gamble, as well as organized activities that can be shared.

Q. Any plans for the future?
A. None for me, thanks. I'm having too much fun with the present.

Q. Any disclaimers?
A. Yes, my wife (Kris) is moving her quilt store to Port Gamble and re-opening it April 20th, so we are tied to the success of the town.

Q. Why did you pick Port Gamble?
A. Are you kidding? Go back and read these blogs. The people here are fun to spend time with and have interesting stories to tell (I've barely gotten started with them). I love small towns. This one is recovering from a possible collapse, and the proper leadership has been brought in to keep it going. Living in a successful small town? All is right with the world.

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