Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was told recently, by one of the people who I thought was a supporter of this town, that in March the town is full of murder and mayhem. Now I've seen people walking into my house without knocking, but that's far cry from murder, and if murder is common in March then either Kris and I are going on vacation for a spring month every year or .... I don't know what, but I don't want to move.

Well, I talked to two of the MANY people who put events together for this town (Lyn and Shana) and feel better now. At least THEY think it is "play acting". They think the Kiwanis club in Kingston (I love alliteration, it makes me sound so poetic) brings people into Port Gamble to reenact a murder from the "old days" of the town.

You can come to town on March 27th (Saturday), around 2pm and for $15 you can get a ticket which will give you permission to interview folks around town that MIGHT have been involved in the murder at Andrew Pope's house, or maybe that's a red herring and the murder happened elsewhere. Or maybe it never happened at all. (Know what a "red herring" is? No? Then Google it. You need the exercise.)

The $15 will also get you something to drink (wine, pop, etc.) when you return to the Post Office building around 6pm to make your accusation. They will give you a little more information at the 6 pm meeting, but not enough that you can solve it without having done your homework the rest of the day. If you do solve it they promise to give you a prize, but the only prize I would like is a promise that no ghosts would visit me. (I shouldn't joke about ghosts. There are a lot of people here that take them VERY seriously, as I will explain in the future.) Your chances of winning a prize are good, since EVERYONE who gets it right wins a prize.)

It sounds like fun to me, but it makes me wonder if this is about a REAL murder, and if so, is the victim one of the ghosts here. What's worse, who are these "Zombies" that are showing up here the next night? Lyn (who used to live in the house that we plan to stay in for 10 years, although I'm now having my doubts) says that there is a red stain on our back door from one of the Zombies. Rats. I thought someone had just spilled some paint.

I could have gone all day without hearing about blood on my back porch.

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Shirley said...

Since it is only an hours drive home, guess we won't be staying the night