Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Odds and Ends

There are TWO blogs this week, along with this first "odds and ends" which is simply a compilation of things which happened this week that said to me "Wake up, smell the coffee. THIS is small town like you hoped for."

Take for instance the comment from Shana that Stephi (of Mike's BBQ) had claimed her apple pie is better than mine. (She's GOT to be kidding.) This led to a challenge. On October 2nd, at Mike's BBQ, Stephi and I will have an Apple pie bake off. We don't have the details worked out yet, but it may cost you a little to be a "taster" (judge) but all proceeds are going to the winner's charity of choice (so your donations will be going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation, since that's my choice. Yes, I can be a bit overly competitive, but when you are the youngest of four you get that way.) That date is also my Mother's 98th birthday, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate it than for her to watch me beat you.

Over dinner this evening, Ann said she gleaned from my blog that I was perhaps reluctant to come to Port Gamble and that I was surprised by what I found here. Guilty as charged!

I mentioned to one of the "in charge" people that I had been considering doing a page on the Flag as Port Gamble's "symbol" (EVERYBODY in the area knows about the flag!), but that I didn't feel comfortable being such a new-comer making an issue out of the flag flying at night and not being lit. By sunset that day (today) the flag is lit and can be proudly seen for miles around (or would be if the rain didn't having it sticking to the pole), no requisition, no triplicate paperwork, no excuses, just a simple, small town, "get it done" attitude.

Yes, Ann, I might have been reluctant, but I'm a firm believer now!

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