Monday, July 12, 2010

Do we need a list of ALL Port Gamble websites?

I notice when Googling "Port Gamble" from time to time that there is a fair number of blogs and websites dealing with this area. They seem to fit in a limited number of categories:

Life In PG
Events at PG
Visiting PG
Businesses at PG
People's Blogs About PG
And a Few Others

Since I'm up for a challenge, I have been considering putting together as complete a list as I can of sites related to Port Gamble, in hopes that individuals can find this town quicker than if no such site existed.

Is it worth my time? Would you refer to it? See the "comment" button below? Push it, please, or send a note to* (use a "t" instead of the "*"). Thanks.


Al said...

Think it's a great idea. It would be interesting to see them all.

Shirley said...

I know where Port Gamble is, but a lot of people do not and don't know about the beauty of the town.

Tracy Zhu said...

It's a good idea. It surprises how many people who live relatively close by aren't aware of PG or what it has to offer, as Shirley pointed out.