Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A "conversation" With the Director

After the last blog, in which I came down fairly heavy as one who totally enjoyed Kingston's Fourth of July Celebration, I decided that the people in charge should hear when one is pleased, not just someone who is reading.

I sent a link to my blog to the head of the Chamber of Commerce (oops, I just started a fight. Who is the head, the director or the president?) who sent me back a VERY pleasant response, commenting on how much she liked what I wrote, in spite of some negatives I had written in the first paragraph ... something to the effect that the town looks so boring that perhaps it was incapable of planning some joyous and exciting events.

Since reading her response, it occurs to me that many of us look so hard at whether a town LOOKS good, that often we miss the subject of whether it WORKS good or PLAYS good. Downtown Port Angeles last year had a "Paint the Town" rally that worked so well that the owners and area supporters put hundreds of thousands of $ into the project, but it never really broght them the appreciation they hoped for.

Kingston, on the other hand, WHILE KEEPING THE TOWN CLEAN, seems to be so much more concerned with what people WILL do (especially the kids) rather than what they are wanted to NOT do (don't ride your bikes, don't ride your skateboards, don't J-walk, etc.) I can see my grandchildren enjoying the shell museum in Port Gamble much longer than they will enjoy trying not to spill their cokes on a fancy car downtown.

So keep up the work, Kingston. Give yuourself a pat on the back, maybe a day off and give me something as exciting to do again next year.

And to you citizens who came out and enjoyed the evening, the socializing, the good food, and the fireworks I have something else to say. Remember, I am not with the Chamber of Commerce and I have not been asked to say this, but I will: Did you remember to say "Thank you" like your parents did years ago? A good time is not something you are ENTITLED to, it is something TO BE THANKFUL FOR. Kris and I went all through Kitsap County looking for people really enjoying The Fourth, and we found them at YOUR DOORSTEP. The leaders in KINGSTON did it better than enyone else. THANK THEM FOR IT!!

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