Monday, June 21, 2010

"Life's a Gamble, Part Two"

All right, I admit to being a little overwealmed by the comments of "more, more" which I heard when I said I was through writing. Some of you even thought I was making a fair description of this lovely place.

I had turned my activities towards helping Kris get her quilt store up and running, as well as spending what seems like months getting our house prepared to sell, the former done very sucessfully, the latter still a couple of gallons of paint from being finished.

But I still want to tell you what holds a town like this together and functioning so smoothly. Things and people like the maintenance crew, the one woman who meets and courts every business owner and individual who locate here, the people who plan the "big events", but most of all I want to tell you about the people who live and work here. They are the ones who keep the engine running. They are the ones that have more enthusiasm and a better work ethic than I've seen anywhere else.

I'm still waiting to see my first "goof off." You know, the summer help who is more interested in appearing good rather than being good. I'm sure they are here ... somewhere. I'll dig them out. And we will start this blog in "part two", which will show up sometime around the beginning of July.

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